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Exploring Outdoor Play in Kindergartens: A Literature Review of Practice in Modern Greece

Updated: Feb 11, 2022


This study investigated current research on education in Greek kindergartens and the integration of outdoor activities into kindergarten programmes. A literature review was conducted using ERIC, JSTOR, SpringerLink, Education Research Complete, Scopus Google Scholar, and EBSCO-host electronic databases for the years 2017–2021.

The review revealed that participation in outdoor play and activities is early childhood remains very low despite the multiple benefits to children of all ages. Multiple barriers to outdoor activities exist, including poor outdoor play facilities and equipment, the negative perceptions of parents and teachers, and a lack of support from the Greek educational system. This study attempts to initiate a discussion about the inclusion of outdoor play in kindergarten curricula as a move towards a more outdoor approach to early childhood education in Greece.

A number of changes are proposed to ensure that kindergarten children benefit from their early involvement in activities outside the classroom. Outdoor play in Greek kindergartens could be a continuation of indoor education, supporting children to live healthier physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual lives.


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