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Integrating Green Marketing Issues in Water Sport Recreation Activities

Updated: Feb 12, 2022


The aim of the present study was to examine participants‟ environmental awareness in water sport recreational activities.

In particular, participants‟ environmental awareness was evaluated by means of information, knowledge and attitudes towards environment, taking into consideration their demographic characteristics. In addition, the relationships of these three environmental issues to participants‟ involvement in real green actions were examined.

Participants were 435 adults who completed the following scales: a) information, b) knowledge, c) attitudes towards environmental issues (Kouthouris & Kontogianni, 2013), and d) involvement in real green actions (Kyle, Graefe, Manning, & Bacon, 2004). Results revealed statistically significant differences between participants‟ demographic groups (age and marital status) and environmental awareness.

Regression analysis supported strong relationships between the three environmental variables as independent variables with participants‟ involvement in real green actions as the dependent variable. The present study identified an important relationship between the environmental friendly behaviour, and the participation in water based sport recreational activities.

Findings enhance innovative managerial implications by policymakers, stakeholders and marketing managers in the sector of leisure, recreation and sports.


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