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Teaching Outdoor Adventure Activities in Preschools: A Review of Creativity and Learning Development

Updated: Feb 11, 2022


Creativity is a significant part of all aspects of childhood growth and development, including learning. Adventure play has been identified as a key component of early childhood, and it presents a variety of challenges and opportunities to educators, parents and children. This study explores the current state of knowledge of preschool outdoor adventure activity teaching and its impact on learning and creativity.

The review reveals that adventure play boosts creativity and learning development in preschool children. Through a review of current literature, this paper discusses the importance of adventure activities in early years, the role of risk in creativity and learning development and the appropriateness of outdoor and adventure activity teaching methods.

The paper concludes with an examination of gaps in existing knowledge and a discussion of the challenges to outdoor adventure activities from both parents and children. It recommends that schools, kindergartens and other institutions organize events, such as conferences, to educate parents and teachers on the role of outdoor adventure play in enhancing children’s learning abilities and creative thinking.


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