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Innovative Programms




Integrated Approach for the Prevention, Detection and Combat of Sexual Harassment in Sports / ISports

The ISports project main objective is to develop a holistic approach for the protection of young athletes from any form of sexual harassment, empowering sport professionasl, young athletes and sport clubs towards sexual harassment detection, prevention, and combat in 4 EU Member States and Turkey through activities that:

  • Address gaps in policy and service provision inside sports cluds, focusing on detecting- reporting and preventing of sexual harassment, as part of a holistic young athletes protection approach.

  • Support the capacity building of sport professionals, athletes and parents regarding their risks and rights, as well as the detection, management and prevention of sexual harassment.

  • Put in place sustainable and transferable mechanism to support young athletes.

  • Raise awareness of sport professionals, athletes and parents, sports associations, as well as of the community, on detecting- reporting and preventing of sexual harassment.

  • Contribute to sport-specific policymaking.

ENTOS Project

Entrepreneurship Through Sport

ENTOS project is addressed to support the entrepreneurship objectives of the Education and Training 2020 and Europe 2020 strategies by providing sport teachers with an innovative and student centered pedagogical approach addressed to develop Entrepreneurship Education through Sport activities.


Oblomov project

Obesity and Low Motility Victims

The "Oblomov" project, Obesity and Low Motility Victims aims at changing the attitude of teenagers towards sport, in order to increase the phisical activity practice. The method is adressed to educators, teachers, youth workers, working with teenagers.

Life after Sports

dual career

“Life after Sports” aims to develop an innovative programme to support dual careers that facilitates an optimal combination of high-quality training and education to young athletes using face-to-face workshops.

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European LEarning Syllabus for outdoor Animators

The ELESA Project aimed at designing one main product that consists of a comprehensive innovative Learning Syllabus for outdoor animators, built in correspondance with the Lifelong Learning Programme and the results of the sectoral Leonardo projects EQFOA and CLO2, usable in Higher Education, VET and Adult Learning contexts.

Research: Classes
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